Best Manual Traffic Exchange Sites 2023

In this directory we do not review only autosurf sites, but also the best manual traffic exchange websites. Thanks to them, you can receive lots of real visitors to your site, forum, blog or referral link and to make even more money.

WebsiteKey descriptionSignup BonusLangGeo-TargEarn Money
EasyHits4uA leader for over 12 years
$0.30 / 1000 pages viewed
$0.10 / new signup
40% Affiliate program
Buy banner credits
Text ad impressions
Easy Rotator
Easy Splash Builder
WebmasterQuestOnline since 2000
1:1 ratio surfing
Premium Membership
Promote unlimited sites
Earn up to 50% Cash
10 seconds surf timer
5 levels referral prog
Play games : Blackjack
Poker, Scratch cards
Place bid for the
site of the day
Random referrals
SocialSurf4uOnline since 2011
Over 20000 members
Upgrade your account
Up to 30% commissions
5 to 6 seconds timer
Create a team
Zubee rewards zone
Banner and text ads
Daily login reward
Chat with members
Prize Box Game
Loyalty card
Weekly Raffle
TrafficSwirlOver 50000 members
Surf Ratio : 0.4 to 1
credit per click
6 to 8 seconds timer
PTC ads
Earn from Referral
Banner and chat
text ads
Marketplace listings
Transfer credits, tokens
to others members
Contests, tournaments
Games and teams
Complete tasks
Zubee rewards
Daily Bonuses
TrafficGCreated in 2001
Buy visitor credits
Upgrade your
Referral program
Referral contests
Downline Builder
Startpage Exchange
Banner Exchanges
TrafficG directory
10 Free
1000 banner
SweevaRevolutionary new
social traffic exchange
Purchase credits
via Paypal
Pro Membership
Bid to get your site
view at the same time
by many viewers and
interact and chat
Promotional tools
Thumb down or up

Manual Traffic Exchange sites FAQ

What are the advantages and benefits of a manual traffic exchange website ?

  • Increase your sales and traffic with real visitors to your site
  • Boost your Alexa Ranking and therefore your site’s popularity
  • Increase your website’s value. More traffic = more value
  • Increase the page views
  • Help in links building and partnership with others users
  • Possibility to earn money (Most of them)

What is a Manual Traffic Exchange site?

Unlike an Autosurf, a manual traffic exchange site is not automatic. It requires human action every time you want to visit another website by solving a captcha for example. Therefore you might get slowly less free traffic but you be sure to gain real visitors who are looking to your site. They might become your new clients or they might contact you to create a partnership.

How to gain more visitors to my website?

Whether you have just started a new site or wants more unique visitors and page views, a manual traffic exchange can be the solution. You will need to visit others sites in order to gain points so you can get free visitors but you can also buy points directly.

Where can I promote my affiliate links?

One of the best place to promote your affiliate link is by using manual traffic exchange sites. Your links will be opened in the browser window and seen by real visitors who can potentially become your new customers. Some websites also allow to use banners or text ads in order to be able to get even more new clients. Depending on the features of the site, you can also send messages to others users to promote your affiliate links.

Can I increase my page rank with a manual traffic exchange?

This is a good question. SEO professionals do not all agree regarding this statement, there is some controversy. Some believe it has an impact and some others don’t. Google use a lot of different factors regarding the PageRank and the position of your website. Nobody knows them all and everyone is guessing. But you can be sure that traffic plays an important role when it comes to SEO. In order to use manual traffic exchange properly you need to find the best site that allow to customize the settings. For example, a longer visit is better than a 10 seconds visit and the more pages are view per visit the better.

Thanks to our ranking algorithm based on our new innovative technology, we can list above the legit and serious manual traffic exchange websites, scam-free. It allows you to sort data using our filter and order alphabetically to find the site that suits you.

Keep an eye on our website as we update the content on daily basis and add new high-quality manual traffic exchange websites.

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  1. Thanks for the great list of currently active traffic exchange sites. Another good tip is to submit landing pages for your products or services encouraging people to take action immediately. This can be more effective than submitting the front page of your website.

  2. Simply put, this high quality autosurf exchange with a 30 second timer is simply the best! If you can build a downline, you can earn credits on autopilot from your active referrals’ surfing. Delivers a plethora of unique visitors at a very rapid rate. A simple, easy to use interface designed with the surfer in mind. Twistrix is an autosurf program you can’t afford to miss!


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